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Peter Hess therapeutic bowls RELAXATION

Naturotherapy, Sound massotherapy

Sound Massage Therapy by the Peter Hess Method is a natural treatment that stimulates the brain and the entire body. It promotes better sleep quality, emotional appeasement and inner calm.

In general, 6 regularly spaced sessions are necessary for the benefits to fully deploy and be assimilated, and for them to remain longer and longer up to 14 days after your treatment.

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Vibrations touch the human body at the physical, intellectual and emotional levels.  

They help rebalance the body's natural frequencies, reduce the impact of stress and increase the quality of your life!



"Thank you Petra, I feel calmer and connected with the earth since yesterday. The anxieties that were spinning inside stopped spinning. I also slept well at last!!"

—  Chi de Montréal


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Peter Hess method is a method to promote your natural health and well-being, which can in no way replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. However it is an excellent complement to conventional medical care.

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Peter Hess Method

An innovative method connecting the traditional use of sound with modern knowledge based on scientific evidence of the 21st century.

Peter Hess, German physicist and engineer, developed the method in the 1980s. He adapted it directly to the needs of modern Western life.


Thanks to its numerous benefits, the method has found its place in various fields: health, alternative medicine, personal development, prevention of extreme fatigue, ...


" Give yourself the gift of a sound Massotherapy session.

You will love it! "


Session of sound massotherapy

The vibrations accompany the entire duration of the session.

At the beginning, they allow you to become aware of your body and of your actual needs, so that you can determine, together with your therapist, the goal of your session.

Then, while you are installed as comfortably as possible, the vibrations will gently guide you towards a deep and unique relaxation.

You will feel your body relax, your thoughts become free from the weight of daily life and a state of calm and relaxation settle into your inner being.

Offer a great gift to a loved one who is open to alternative approaches that relax body, soul and spirit!                                            

They will really appreciate!


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About Petra

Petra is a Naturotherapist specialized in sound massotherapy by the Peter Hess method.

Her ability to feel the tensions allows her to identify more easily their cause and to accompany you in their permanent dissolution on the physical, emotional and intellectual levels.

With more than 5 years of professional experience, Petra accompanies mostly women over 40 in order to establish a better quality of sleep, to calm the emotions of the moment and to restore inner calm.

Discover the method online. Just in French!


INTRODUCTION to Relaxation with Peter Hess therapeutic bowls

This online interactive conference is intended for those who would like to learn more about the method, experience it for themselves remotely and receive two gifts...

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"Bye bye insomnia from 2021!"

A series of 6 bi-monthly online relaxation evenings that offers you 12 weeks of accompaniment to promote a better quality of sleep and even more.

The next series starts at February 2022.



Relaxation "AFTER WORK" (read more in French) in person.

FLOW of Full Moon with the Peter Hess therapeutic bowls (read more in French) in person.

Therapeutic relaxation for 2 FRIENDS with the Peter Hess therapeutic bowls (read more in French)


HARMONISATION by the vibrations of your voice & Peter Hess therapeutic bowls (read more in French) online.


Self-care with Peter Hess all-propose therapeutic bowl

(the therapeutic bowls are imported form Germany and sold by Petra Canart)

SELF-CARE training with purchase of a Peter Hess all-purpose therapeutic bowl

Self-care is for those who would like to purpose therapeutic bowl and learn how to use it for themselves.

Previous experience of a session of sound massotherapy by Peter Hess Method is commanded.

This trainning is offered actually only in French!



RELAXATION avec bols thérapeutiques Peter Hess

3672, rue Drolet
H2X 3H6 Montréal, CANADA

Tel.: 514 609 6131

In-person session of sound massage therapy is provided in accordance with INSPQ and CNESST guidelines.

Please book your appointement via the online form, which includes a questionnaire required by the current situation, as well as all the important practical information.

Peter Hess method is a method to promote your natural health and well-being, which can in no way replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. However it is an excellent complement to conventional medical care.