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Movement, Touch and Resonance

Special in person workshop !

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Experience a brain-body RESET to release physical tension and anchor the benefits with sound vibrations.

The stresses of daily life affects your posture as well as your ease and comfort of movement. This happens by the contracting of the postural muscles and the shortening the tendons along the back of your body, from head to toes and makes your body stiffer.

Using easy-to-do integrative movement allows you to unlock your body, reduce the impact of stress, and access your full potential.

During the workshop, you will experience this physiological reset thanks the 5-step reset process and exercises led by Tanya.


The brain-body stimulation through the vibrations of the Peter Hess therapeutic bowls promotes the release of tension on physical, mental and emotional levels. They let you experience a deeper meditative state to assimilate fully the changes you created.


The workshop wraps up with anchoring the change in relaxation with Peter Hess therapeutic bowls guided by Petra.


This specialty 3-hour workshop is limited to 4 participants. Experience a deeper awareness of yourself in a safe space where you will receive personalized attention and support through this changework.

Tanya Mouland is a movement educator and neurodevelopment coach from Toronto with over 10 years experience of working with all ages and ability levels clients. She offers online and in-person private sessions and workshops to regain your natural balance of your body and mind.

Petra Canart, FLOW creation, is a Naturotherapist specialising in Sound Massage Therapy in Montreal. She accompanies you to restore your FLOW and improve your life-quality thanks the vibrations of Peter Hess therapeutic bowls.

She offers individual sessions and workshops, imports Peter Hess therapeutic bowls from Germany and trains you in their use for your every-day-selfcare.

Duration: 3 hour
Language: English and French
Price: 119 $

Adresse: 2176 rue Cuvillier, H1W 3A5, Montréal

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