confirmed by decades of practical experience and research in Germany

The  changes bring about at PHYSICAL LEVEL facilitate  :

  • relaxation of physical tensions

  • improvement of sleep quality

  • improvement of body perception

  • stimulation of digestion

  • stimulation of the blood circulation and metabolism

  • pain relief

  • stimulation of immunity and mobilization of natural defences

  • activation of self-healing powers

The changes bring about at EMOTIONAL LEVEL strengthen :

  • self-confidence and self-esteem

  • balances emotions

  • to find your-self, our wishes and our needs

  • positive feelings like well-being, joy of living

  • person’s original trust

The changes bring about at MENTAL LEVEL facilitate :

  • facilitates of "letting go"

  • Stress reduction

  • problem solving

  • learning

  • creativity and motivation


The therapeutic bowls relaxation Peter Hess appeals to the body, soul and spirit.

This kind of relaxation was created in Germany in the 1980s. It is based on the knowledge of the beneficial effects of the sound that has been known and used in Indian healing art for over 5000 years. The method was adapted directly to the needs of western culture by German physicist and engineer, Peter Hess.


The therapeutic bowls are handmade in Nepal and India. After arriving in Germany, they go through a series of quality exams before being certified professional  therapeutic bowl.


In Europe and especially in Germany, Peter Hess methods are currently integrated in many fields. Among these are pedagogy, therapy, well-being, coaching, medicine and various cares.

Training courses to become a Peter Hess practitioner are offered at the Peter Hess Institute in Germany and at the Peter Hess Academies located in several countries of Europe, Australia, USA, Brazil, etc.


Quantum physics shows that all materials contain vibrations, including man himself. A resonance is created when two materials come into contact.


Chronobiology and specifically chrono-medicine observes the influence of rhythms (regularity) on the human body. These rhythms have negative influences (shiftwork) or positive influences (a regular daily pattern). Chrono-medicine emphasizes the importance of a balanced sleep-wake rhythm and the phases of mobilization and relaxation for our organism.


Several biorhythms occur in our body simultaneously. As long as their relationship is in balance, we also feel in harmony. During our life, external influences come to destabilize this harmony (unbalanced nutrition, pollution, irregular sleep, stress, worries etc). Rhythmic and harmonic vibrations help to strengthen or restore health.


The scientific study conducted in Germany by Dr. Tanja Grotz's institute shows that the basic Peter Hess individual relaxation (also called sound massage) has a positive influence on the reduction and elimination of stress. It can also strengthen the immune system and help mobilize self-healing power.

Therapeutic bowls relaxation Peter Hess (also called sound massage) is a preventive method of relaxation that can in no way replace the medical or therapeutic treatment. However it is an excellent complement to conventional medical care.