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About Petra,

FLOW creation 🦋

One day, at my friend’s, I found myself standing in a huge therapeutic bowl. A bowl of nearly 2 feet in diameter. The moment it started to vibrate, I could feel a tingling moving up my body, from the soles of my feet, up to my hair. The vibrations. It was on the first place surprising and then also a pleasant experience. I wasn’t aware then that it was the beginning of something special in my life.

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. Most of my university studies were done in my native country. I then worked as an architect for more than 12 years in France and Germany.


During my residency in Germany, I was trained in housing psychology (Feng Shui) and became a Feng Shui advisor. This training allowed me to better understand the needs of future residents and better meet their expectations.


In 2014, after the powerful experience with a huge therapeutic bowl, I was introduced to Peter Hess method. I was impressed with its strong positive mental, emotional and physical influence on people. It pushed to complete the full program of the method.

In July 2016 I became a certified Peter Hess method practitioner and I became a member of  International Association of Sound Massage Therapy (European association of Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner). I continued to practice also  like architect until 2017, when I moved to Canada. In September 2018, I started to offer Peter Hess therapeutic singing bowls relaxation in Montreal, Quebec and member of Fédération des Médecines Alternatives, Québec.

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