Restore your FLOW

with Peter Hess therapeutic bowls

Naturotherapy, Sound massage therapy

A session with Peter Hess therapeutic bowls brings benefits on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. It provides better sleep quality, emotional appeasement and inner calm.

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The bowls' resonance rebalances the natural frequencies of your body, reduces the impact of stress and increases your quality of life!

It allows you to restore your natural state of FLOW 🦋.


"I was going through a very stressful time and I was overwhelmed by my emotions.

After my session, I felt as if the fog in my head had disappeared. I was able to see more clearly in my thoughts and to live the present moment after many weeks. Now, I feel more calm and grounded. What a relief... Thank you again!"


—  Giulia from Montréal



with Peter Hess therapeutic bowls

Individual session


Sound massage therapy session with therapeutic bowls resonating directly on your body.
A powerful session that works deeply on your body, thoughts and emotions.

It strenghtens your ability to let go, calm your mind and relax your body.

Relaxation for two


During this session for two, the vibrations of the therapeutic bowls gently surrounds your whole body.

You experience a state of deep relaxation that allows you to begin restoring your inner balance and regain a sensation of peace.


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Online workshops offer you benefits provided by hearing the sound of therapeutic bowls and their specific frequencies.

In-person workshops offer you additional benefits provided by also feeling the vibrations that surround your body from head to toe.

Summer special

OUTDOOR workshops

Tuesday evening


Are you trying to get your mind off the hamster wheel?

During this outdoor workshop, the vibrations of the bowls will allow you to slow down your thoughts,begin to let go and recover your inner calm.


An excellent tool to prevent the accumulation of stress and fatigue.



This online training is for those of you who have purchased a Peter Hess therapeutic self-care set and have decided to learn the best way to offer yourself its benefits.

The training is private so that it can be adjusted to the needs of your own daily life.

Self-care set


This self-care set includes a Peter Hess universal therapeutic bowl, a single mallet and a double mallet.


This basic equipment of professional therapeutic quality is ideal for your personal use in your daily life.

Guided self-care

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This online guided practice allows you to refresh and expand your knowledge of the exercises that you learned during your self-care training.

Guided self-help is offered in private sessions or during monthly self-care evenings in small groups.



 FLOW creation 🦋

I am passionate about health and well-being. I use Peter Hess therapeutic bowls to allow you to restore your state of FLOW and improve your quality of life.


Therapeutic bowls and strong empathy are my main tools to guide you towards the permanent dissolution of tensions in your body on the physical, emotional and intellectual levels.

I am happy to accompany you on this path.

Peter Hess Method

This innovative method associates the traditional use of sound with modern knowledge based on scientific evidence of the 21st century.

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The method was created by German physicist and engineer Peter Hess in 1984 and responds directly to the needs of our contemporary lifestyle.

It uses a modern and sophisticated form of Tibetan singing bowls. Their production goes through many quality checks to obtain a professional therapeutic quality certification.




English books about Peter Hess method and more.


Therapeutic bowls


Peter Hess therapeutic bowls are a modern and sophisticated form of Tibetan singing bowls. 


Each of them (pelvic, heart, all-propose) was developed to stimulate different part of the body and contains a specific spectre of frequencies.

Gift cards

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Give an amazing gift to someone who appreciates alternative approaches.

with Peter Hess therapeutic bowls


OUTDOOR workshops


Are you trying to get your mind off the hamster wheel?

Open-air workshop.

Fullmoon FLOW

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Monthly event that allows you to let go easily and start freeing your life from things you no longer need. 



An online evening that invites you to discover the benefits of Peter Hess therapeutic bowls by listening to their sound.


RELAXATION avec bols thérapeutiques Peter Hess

3672, Drolet street
H2X 3H6 Montréal, CANADA

Tél.: 514 609 6131

The office is 200m from the Sherbrooke metro station and 200m from the public parking at the corner of St. Denis Street and ROY E. Street (entrance from ROY E Street). 

Peter Hess method promotes your natural health and well-being. It can in no way replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. However it is an excellent complement to conventional medical care.