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All about the method: its benefits, research, ...

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Physical benefits

The method favours:

  • the dissolution of tensions

  • better Sleep Quality

  • better body perception

  • the pain relief

The method stimulates:

  • digestion

  • blood circulation 

  • metabolism and the immune system

The method mobilizes:

  • natural defenses

  • self-healing ability of the body
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Intellectual benefits

The method favours:

  • letting go

  • stress management

  • learning and memory

The method strengthens:

  • creativity

  • motivation

  • the ability to find new strategies and solutions

The method is an excellent tool for:

  • prevention of extreme fatigue

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Emotional benefits

The method favours:

  • emotional appeasement

  • restoration of inner balance

  • reconnecting with yourself, your wishes and your needs

The method strengthens:

  • self-esteem

  • self-confidence 

  • basic trust


The method increases:

  • positive feelings such as well-being

  • the joy of life

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The benefits of the method are based on decades of practical experience and proven by countless research and clinical studies conducted in Germany.

Peter Hess Method

C'est une méthode naturelle qui emploie les vibrations qui ont un impact positif sur le corps humain au niveau physique, mental et émotionnel.

Elle est basée sur l'utilisation du son traditionnelle de la région de l'Himalaya. Peter Hess, le physicien et ingénieur allemand, l’a développée en 1984. Il l'a adapté directement aux besoins de la vie moderne des Occidentaux, à partir de ses expériences vécues au Népal.

En Europe et surtout en Allemagne, la méthode a trouvé sa place dans divers domaines : santé, médecine alternative, développement personnel, nombreuses thérapies, mieux-être, coaching, pédagogie, prévention de la fatigue extrême et soins divers.

Les formations pour devenir un professionnel certifié de la méthode Peter Hess sont proposées à l'Institut Peter Hess en Allemagne. À l'étranger, elles sont proposées par les académies Peter Hess (Europe, Australie, États- Unis, Brésil, etc).

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Peter Hess method is a method to promote your natural health and well-being, which can in no way replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

However it is an excellent complement to conventional medical care.

Therapeutic bowls Peter Hess

Peter Hess therapeutic bowls are a modern and more sophisticated form of Tibetan singing bowls. They are forged from an alloy enriched with high-quality metals respecting the very high and specific requirements of their production. Production is manual and takes place in villages in India and Nepal.

The bowls follow several quality controls already at the time of their production. The latest quality tests to check their frequency spectra take place in Germany using digital instruments. They are put on the market as soon as they obtain their certification as a professional therapeutic tool.

Looking for a therapeutic bowl Peter Hess in Montreal? Click HERE to read more. Please notice that the self-care training with allpropose therapeutic bowl is offered only in French.

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The Peter Hess method connects ancient knowledge of traditional sound use with modern knowledge based on scientific evidence from the 21st century.

Peter Hess method, quantum physics and chronobiology

Quantum physics shows that all materials are indeed vibrations, as is man himself. And a resonant state occurs when two materials come into contact.

Chronobiology, more precisely chrono-medicine, observes the influence of rhythms (regularity) on the human body. These rhythms have negative influences (shift work) or positive influences (a regular daily rhythm). Chrono-medicine emphasizes the importance of a balanced sleep-wake rhythm and the phases of mobilization and relaxation for our body.


Several biorhythms occur in our body simultaneously. As long as their relationship is in balance, we also feel in harmony. During our lives, external influences (unbalanced nutrition, pollution, irregular sleep, stress, anxiety, worries, etc...) come to destabilize this harmony. Staying healthy or restoring it means keeping/bringing the body in rhythmic and harmonious vibration.


The scientific study conducted in Germany by Dr. Tanja Grotz’s institute shows that the Peter Hess method has a positive influence on the reduction and elimination of stress. It can also strengthen the immune system and contribute to the mobilization of self-healing power.

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Source: Peter Hess Institut and Europäischer Fachverband

Successful blood pressure therapy with Peter Hess® sound massage – Results of the Berlin hypertension sound therapy study, 2013

Pilot study by Dr. med. Jens Gramann

Within the framework of a master’s thesis in “Complementary Medicine – Cultural Sciences” at Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, a pilot study was conducted on 10 hypertensive patients from January to September 2013 at the “Herzinstitut Berlin“ (Cardiac Institute Berlin) ( In addition to medical treatment in accordance with current academic guidelines, these patients also received either 6 PMR sessions (PR group) or 6 Peter Hess®-based sound massages (sound therapy group), respectively, in weekly intervals. At the end of each session, participants also received additional instruction on exercises they could do at home daily. If they were taking blood pressure medication, their prescription could not be changed during the duration of the study.

The results were published in:
Journal KLANG MASSAGE THERAPY 9/2014, p 29-33.

Projet Klang-Pause (Sound break) TM, 2009 et 2010/2011

Project by Prof. dr. Hella Erler et Prof. Dr. med. Luis Erler, 2009 et 2010/2011

Prof. Dr. Hella Erler and Prof. Dr. In 2009 Luis Erler carried out the pilot project "Klang-Pause Regensburg 2009". Ten teachers and four educators took part in the project. The consistently positive feedback encouraged them to propose a similar attempt in the big discussion about noise and stress in day-to-day kindergarten (strike) in the department for daycare in the school and culture department of the City of Munich.

The idea was well received and the project "Sound Break Munich 2010/2011" started. 20 teachers from as many urban day care centers in the city of Munich took part.

The results of this project indicate that the regular use of the sound pause has positive effects on relaxation, calm, concentration of the children and leads to a reduction in aggressive behavior.

The sound pause supports the creation of a learning atmosphere. In addition, the educators reported that they themselves were able to observe positive changes in their stress experience.

The team also benefited from the project and the parents showed clear interest. The results of the investigation were published in: Erler, Hella / Erler, Luis (2010): Project “Sound Break Regensburg 2009. In: Trade journal KLANG-MASSAGE-THERAPIE 7/2010, pages 30-34.

ARTICLE in german: KLANG MASSAGE THERAPY 7/2010, pages 30-34

Cells and sound, 2009

Researche by Prof. dr. Maria Anna Pabst, Medical University of Graz, 2009

Prof. Dr. Maria Anna Pabst, professor of cell biology, histology and embryology at the Medical University of Graz, carried out an investigation in 2009 on the effect of sounds (Peter Hess® therapy singing bowl: heart bowl) on cells in cell cultures.

This researche shows that the vibrations of the singing bowls influence certain cell functions. First indications of a tendency to activate the sounds could be found. It was shown that the total number of cells after sonication and the number of living cells were significantly higher than in the control group. It was also observed that the amount of cell debris after sonication was approximately the same as that of the control group, but the number of dead cells was slightly reduced. The results of the study were published in: Pabst, Maria Anna (2010):

Cells and Sound. In: Trade journal KLANG MASSAGE THERAPY 7/2010,, pp. 25-29

Read article in german: KLANG MASSAGE THERAPY 7/2010, pages 25-29

Neural effect of the Peter Hess sound massage, 2009

Researche by Dr. Kerstin Gommel, 2009

In 2009, Dr. med. Kerstin Gommel carried out measurements of cerebral current activities in combination with perception tests during intensive training and the associated final seminar (3 months later). The results of the subjects compared to the control group indicate the harmonizing, concentration-increasing effect of the sound massage.

The results indicate that the attitude (inner images) and attentive attention by the person giving the sound clearly influences the effect. The results of the investigation were published in:     

  • Gommel, Kerstin (2010): Neural effects of the Peter Hess sound massage. In: Trade journal KLANG-MASSAGE-THERAPIE 7/2010,, pp. 20-24.    

  • Dr. Gommel presented the investigation at the 5th Klang Congress 2011 in Dortmund.     A recording of the lecture on the congress DVD “5. Klang-Kongress 2011. Promoting the healthy - working professionally with sound! is available from the Peter Hess publishing house.

Read the whole article

Use of singing bowls and sound massage in the intensive care unit, 2008

Documentary by Harald Tietzer at AKH Vienna, 2008

In 2008, Harald Tietz, a qualified health worker and nurse, documented the use of singing bowls and sound massage in the intensive care unit 13i2 of the General Hospital (AKH) in Vienna. He received sound massages from ten patients who were awake and conscious and were subsequently interviewed. 90 percent of the participants stated that they could “drop well” during the sound massage.

When asked again after an hour, the majority of patients still felt relatively balanced, active and motivated. This survey shows that patients benefit from the sounds in the atmosphere of an intensive care unit, which is often perceived as stressful. Selected case studies show that the bed neighbors and the nursing staff themselves find the sound massage offer to be beneficial.

Experience from other clinics shows that the sound massages also have a positive effect on sleep behavior and thus often on the required sleeping pills and pain relievers, which can often be reduced. In addition, it is often reported that patients' motivation to actively participate in the healing process increases.

As a complementary method, sound massage can meaningfully and effectively support healing processes.

The results of the study were published in: Titzer, Harald (2010): Sound massage in the intensive care unit. In: Trade magazine KLANG-MASSAGE-THERAPIE 7/2010

Article in german: KLANG MASSAGE THERAPY 7/2010, pages 44-48


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Peter Hess method is a method to promote your natural health and well-being, which can in no way replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

However it is an excellent complement to conventional medical care.


MOTO of the method: " From practice to practice " 

The development of the method is based on ongoing experiences and new research. This makes it possible to offer a tool of a high quality used in different fields: alternative medicine, traditional medicine, pedagogy, well-being, care of the elderly and others.

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